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Q: What are the wraps made of?

A: little & kind eco friendly food wraps are made from four simple ingredients:

  • 100% cotton
  • New Zealand beeswax
  • Pine tree resin
  • Organic coconut oil

We are proud to source beeswax from a specialist supplier in New Zealand. They can trace the wax back to the various beekeepers used in each batch. All beeswax used in the process is New Zealand beeswax.


Q: What about allergies?

A: Our co-founder Sarah has grown up with a food allergy so we understand how important it is to be informed about product ingredients. We use bee products, pine tree resin and coconut oil to make our wraps which a small number of people can be allergic to. As with any allergies, we suggest you speak with a health professional if you have concerns about any of the ingredients used. While our wraps are made under strict hygiene standards they are produced in a kitchen environment where common allergens may be present. We recommend a quick clean before use.


Q: Why should I use instead of plastic wrap?

A: By using our wraps you are being kind to the planet. Our wraps are made from all natural ingredients and every use means one less piece of single-use plastic entering landfill. Our packaging is kept to a minimum and is biodegradable. Once your little & kind wrap has passed its lifespan use it with string to wrap non-food items or pop in the compost. To top it off, our wraps help keep food fresh! Beeswax is waterproof and breathable, protecting your food from wilting so it stays fresh longer.


Q: How long do the wraps last?

A: Our wraps last 6 to 12 months with regular use if you follow the care instructions. Over time the wraps will lose some stickiness but all you need to do is use the warmth of your hands and press a little firmer. Also the zig-zag edging we add means our wraps won’t fray.


Q: What kind of packaging do you use?

A: Our packaging is environmentally friendly. For our branding collateral, we use paper belly band style product labels which keeps packaging to a minimum. When sending our wraps, we use a small piece of greaseproof paper as protection which can be reused in the oven or microwave up to 220°C. This paper is made from sustainably sourced FSC certified paper and is chlorine free. If selecting our gift wrap option, we use custom-printed tissue paper and a sticker, both produced with FSC certified paper and soy-based ink. Finally our envelopes are unbleached and made from recycled paper. All items are compostable.


Q: How do I clean?

A: Simply wipe using a cloth with cold water and mild eco detergent if required. If using detergent we recommend an eco friendly option as they are free from alcohol and other nasties which can damage the wraps. Once clean, drip dry on dish rack or use tea towel to pat dry. Please avoid scrubbing with anything abrasive as this will damage the beeswax coating. For more information see our Care page.


Q: How do I store them?

A: Store in a cool dry place. We find keeping flat in a draw works well, or lightly folded in the pantry.


Q: Will you send overseas?

A: Yes, we are happy to send internationally.


Q: How do I keep my wraps looking good?

A: Our wraps are designed to be used and enjoyed - so they are likely to get creases and marks. If you want to minimise this, do not use for strongly coloured foods such as beetroot or sauces as this will stain. But don’t worry if they do get marks as this does not affect how well they work (and we think simply adds to their character!).


Q: Do the wraps smell?

A: Yes our wraps have a lovely mild beeswax scent when you first open. This does not affect your food and will lessen over time with use.


Q: Can I choose to mix prints in the packs?

A: Yes! Currently our packs use the same fabric though we are happy to mix and match for you. Simply email with your requirements. Or if you’re in the area come to one of our markets and hand pick your own set.


Reusable face masks:

Q: What are the measurements of your face masks?

A: The measurements of each size are as follows:

S: 16cm along the seam that runs from the top of nose to just under chin and 11cm half width (from the middle seam to the outer edge). The elastic half length is approximately 6cm unstretched.  

M: 18cm along the seam that runs from the top of nose to just under chin and 12cm half width (from the middle seam to the outer edge). The elastic half length is approximately 7cm unstretched. 

L:  20 cm along the seam that runs from the top of nose to just under chin and 13cm half width (from the middle seam to the outer edge). The elastic half length is approximately 8cm unstretched.

If you have any questions about which size mask would best suit, or you would like a custom fit, please email