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3-pack - Washed Strokes
3-pack - Washed Strokes
3-pack - Washed Strokes
3-pack - Washed Strokes

3-pack - Washed Strokes

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A natural, reusable and eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap. The wraps can be used for a variety of food storage from covering bowls to wrapping sandwiches or keeping leftover fruit and veggies fresh.

Simply use the warmth of your hands to mould and shape. After use, wipe using a cloth with cold water and mild eco detergent if required.

The 3-pack contains one of each size:

Small (approx 18x20cm) - use for snacks, small cheeses, cut fruit, half avocados and more

Medium (approx 31x25cm) - use for side plates, sandwiches, leftover veggies, blocks of cheese and more

Large (approx 33x35cm) - use for salad bowls, big sandwiches, veggies like pumpkin, larger blocks of cheese and more


100% cotton, New Zealand beeswax, tree resin and organic coconut oil.

Designed by Lillian Farag, the ‘Washed Strokes’ fabric is a free form print that is both playful and expressive. This print features splashes of watermelon, magenta, canary yellow and muted blue. Lillian pulls inspiration from colours found in life and nature, adding her own twist and perspective to each design.


Typical delivery 3-6 days. Please note that our wraps are handmade therefore small variations may be found.